Environmental Impact Assessments

With WSP (formerly MMM Group) I have been project coordination as well as field assessments as part of impact analyses of developments on aquatic habitats. We focus on all aspects of the environment to determine potential impacts of development and construction on sensitive features including, but not limited to, terrestrial habitat, specialized wildlife habitat, fish habitat, sensitive landscapes, and species at risk. I have worked on private, municipal, and provincial projects, a selection of which are described below.

GTA West Route Planning Study
– Coordinating the fisheries assessment aspect of the potential highway corridor route covering over 3.5 square km, and over 100 potential watercourse crossings
– Conducting fisheries assessments including fish community and habitat assessments, and risk assessment for impacts to habitat, fish community, and species at risk
– Liaising with provincial and federal agencies for background information, and compliance with provincial policy and best practices

QEW Bridge Replacements – Lyons Creek, Tee Creek, Black Creek
– Coordinating the natural environment aspect including fish and wildlife habitat assessments, and botanical inventory of the detail design of 6 bridge replacements
– Liaison with provincial agencies regarding species at risk registration, mitigation plan, and monitoring

Pinebush Road Development Environmental Impact Statement
– Coordinating natural environment components of the environmental assessment for a new subdivision including liaison with clients to complete an EIS report
– Risk assessment and compliance assessment for municipal, provincial, and federal policy

Rehabilitation of 32 Structures (MTO), Northwestern Ontario
– Conducting a comprehensive fisheries assessment based on previous field data to determine the sensitivity of the fish habitat and potential impact of bridge works
– Reporting to MTO on the potential impacts and recommendations for mitigation during design and construction.